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Dark Side of Love – 2013 Collection

Oooh soo excited to share our “Dark Side of Love” 2013 Collection!!! This years collection was meant to be dark, daring and theatrical! I wanted to shock and entertain the audience and have them walk away talking about the “bleeding cake”. The inspiration for the collection came from the several sources, one being from the [...]

The Ice Princess – Winter Wedding

The Ice Princess….a fitting name for this piece. Inspired by crystals and light, this piece was created for the Crystallized Bloom shoot for the WedLuxe Illumination issue. The piece not only feels modern but also futuristic. The bottom tier is completely made out of sugar and was created in order to have light illuminating from beneath the cake. [...]

Wedluxe – Crystallized Bloom/Winter Wedding

Always an honour to be featured on WedLuxe Style Files! The cake is an ultra modern piece with graffiti splatter and jewellery accents to extenuate it’s abstract yet delicate features.  The bottom tier is completely edible and all hand cut-out and illuminated to create a futuristic atmosphere. Loved this shoot <3 Featured on Wedluxe Blog and Wedluxe [...]

Floral Art inspiring Cake Art – Hitomi wedding cake

Still one of my favourites! Love this modern, structural wedding cake that was inspired by Canadian floral artist Hitomi Gilliam. Her work is amazing and takes floral art to a different level! You can’t see it but there are mirrors hidden to reflect the glittery flowers and the front pieces do not sit flush to [...]